The Club organise a number of tournaments throughout the year for the benefit of members of all standards.

The main club championships, U21’s and veterans tournaments, collectively forming our Summer Tournament, are run from April to July with the finals being held over the weekend subsequent to the Wimbledon finals weekend.

A junior tournament with an array of events for all ages and standards up to U16’s is also run at this time but with the finals being played on the Saturday proceeding the Wimbledon finals weekend.

From November we hold our Winter and Handicap Tournaments with the finals being played over a weekend in March. The Handicap Tournament is particularly popular as the handicap system means everyone that enters has a chance of winning. It is a doubles event, but unlike other events, you do not need a partner as your partner will be drawn for you from the list of entrants.

Please keep an eye out for the entry sheets, which will be found on the notice board in the club house over the weeks/months prior to the tournament commencing.

Good luck to all that enter!

Any queries please contact Ken Thompson or Andy Bickell

Summer Finals

Men’s Doubles: Adam Paterson/Kyle Macdonald defeated Andy Bickell/Gary McDonald 7-5 6-1

Ladies singles: Maddy DēCort defeated Abby Keene 6-4 5-7 7-6 (8-6)

Men’s U21 singles: Hayden McDermid defeated Luke Byron 6-3 6-1

Men’s singles: Adam Paterson defeated Kyle Macdonald 6-3 7-6 

Ladies vets: Linda Keech/Caroline Cole defeated Cheryl Cutmore/Wendy Edwards 4-6 6-2 10-6 

Ladies Vets: Linda Keech / Caroline Cole bt Wendy Edwards/Cheryl Cutmore 5-7 6-2 10-6

Mixed Vets: Linda Keech / Keith Vowles bt Wendy Edwards / Eric Skinner 6-7 6-3 10-6

Matches yet to be played: Mixed doubles and Men’s Vets

Winter Finals

Mixed Doubles – Maddie De’Cort & Dan Vowles bt Jenny Jones & Paul Skinner 6-2 6-2

Men’s Singles – Dan Vowles bt Sam Ashkuri 6-3 6-3

Open Handicap – Jenny Jones & Jamie Lord bt Luke Brown & Stuart Lord 2-2 (Stuart Lord retired injured)

Men’s Doubles – Dan Vowles & Kevin Eley bt Jack Scanlan & Sam Ashkuri 6-2 7-5

Men’s Handicap – Jamie Lord & Hayden McDermid bt Lee Smiles & Keith Leathers 6-1 6-3
Ladies Doubles – Jenny Jones & Abby Keene


2019 Summer Finals

Saturday 20th July


Court 1

Under 12 Boys Singles – Liam Maskell def. Tom Carson 5-3 4-2

Red singles – Molly Solesbury def. Evie Stone 10-7 10-5

Orange Singles – Liam Maskell def. Aidan Clarke 10-6 10-3

Orange Doubles – Liam Maskell and Georgio Butler def. James Matthews and Aidan Clarke 10-8 11-9

18 Open doubles – Jamie Lord and Hayden Mcdermid def. Luke Brown and Dan Reynolds 6-1 6-2

18 Singles – Hayden Mcdermid def. Dan Reynolds 6-4 6-4

Vets Doubles – Graham West and Paul Reeve def. Kevin De'cort and Rick Stokes

Mens U21 Singles – Jamie Lord Def. Jacob Coad 4-6 6-4 10-5

Court 3

Junior Mixed - Abby and Luke Beat Grace Bickel & Jamie Lord 7-6 4-6 10-1

12 Girls Singles - Grace Bickell def. Isabelle Peacock 4-0 4-1

Ladies Vets - Helen Skinner and Jane Imray def. Linda Keech and Gwen Greenwood 6-2 6-7 10-6

U12 Open Doubles - Liam Maskell and Ben Murray def. Grace Bickell and Isabelle Peacock 2-4 4-2 10-6

18 Girls Singles - Abby Keene def. Grace Bickel 6-0 6-3

Mixed Vets Doubles - Jane Imray and Rick Stokes def. Helen Skinner and Keith Leathers 6-2 6-1 


Sunday 21st July

Ladies Singles - Maddy De'cort def. Abby Keene 7-6 4-6 6-1

Mens Singles - Adam Paterson def. Kyle Macdonald 6-4 6-2

Ladies Doubles – Michelle Mckinnon and Kate Bennet def. Maddy De'Cort and Abby Keene 6-3 7-5

Mens Doubles – Adam Paterson and Kyle Macdonald def. Jack Scanlon and Dan Vowles and Jack Scanlon 6-1 6-2

Mixed doubles – Adam Paterson and Michelle def. Dan Vowles and Maddy De'Cort 6-1 6-0

Jackies Plate - Oliver Ansell
Maulkin Cup - Abby Keene 
Coaches Recognition - Jamie Lord


2018 Summer Finals 

Saturday 21st July 

Court 1

10.00am Red Singles – Molly S vs Oliver A 


10.30am Orange Singles – Liam M bt Harry H 10-6 10-4 


11.00am Green Singles – Liam M bt Ben M 4-1 4-1 


12.00pm Boys Doubles –Luke B/Hayden M bt Dan R/Ben B 6-2 6-4 


1.00pm Green Doubles –Liam M/Harry H bt Ben M/Tom C 3-5 4-1 10-6 


2.00pm Boys Singles – Hayden M bt Dan R 5-7 6-4 10-8 


3.00pm Men’s Vets Doubles –Ken H/Eric S bt Brian K/Colin B 6-2 6-1 


4.30pm Men’s U21 Singles - Dan V bt Jack F 6-3 6-3 


Court 3 

12.00pm Girls Doubles– Grace B/Ellie M bt Abby K/Isabelle P 7-6 4-6 10-7 


1.00pm Mixed Vets Doubles – Linda K/Eric S bt Val B/Kevin D 6-1 6-0 


2.30pm Junior Mixed Doubles – Ellie M/Luke B bt Abby K/Ben B 6-1 6-3 


3.30pm Girls Singles – Abby K bt Grace B 6-0 6-3 


Sunday 22nd July 

Centre Court 

12pm Ladies Singles - Madeline De’Cort bt Kate Bennett 6-3 6-1 


1.30pm Men’s Doubles - Adam Paterson/Kyle MacDonald bt Dan Vowles/Jack Freeman 6-2 6-4 


3.00pm Ladies Doubles - Kate Bennett/Abby Keene bt Maria Baker/Janice Cowell 5-2 (MB/JC retired) 


4.30pm Men’s Singles - Adam Paterson bt Gary McDonald 6-2 6-4 


6.00pm Mixed Doubles - Dan Vowles/Madeline De’Cort bt Adam Paterson/Abby Keene 6-3 3-6 10-3




Thank you to everyone that turned up to support and watch this year’s summers finals. There were some excellent matches on offer over the two days and congratulations go to all finalists, particularly the winners, for making it such an enjoyable and successful weekend. The results were as follows: 

Ladies Vets’ Doubles 

Winners: Caroline Cole and Linda Keech 

Runners-Up: France Meldrum and Jane Imray 

Score: 6 – 3, 6 – 2 

Umpire: Ken Thompson 

Mixed Vets’ Doubles 

Winners: Jane Imray and Eric Skinner 

Runners-Up: Caroline Cole and Paul Reeve 

Score: 6 – 4, 6 – 4 

Umpire: Paul Skinner 

U21 Men’s Singles 

Winner: Dan Vowles 

Runners-Up: Jack Freeman 

Score: 6 – 3, 4 – 6, 7 – 5 

Umpire: Sam Ashkuri 

Men’s Vets Doubles 

Winners: Eric Skinner and Rick Stokes 

Runners-Up: Kevin De’Cort and Ken Holmes 

Score: 7 – 5, 6 – 1 

Umpire: Roy Bickell 

Junior Singles and Doubles Exhibition Matches 

Thanks to Charlie Kauders, Jamie Lord, Daniel Reynolds, Madeline De'Cort and the coaching team for a great exhibition of tennis by the juniors. Seeing the youngsters establishing themselves in the senior inter club tennis will be a major part of the clubs future success. 

Ladies’ Singles 

Winner: Madeline De’Cort 

Runner-Up: Kate Bennett 

Score: 6 – 4, 6 – 4 

Umpire: Paul Skinner

Men’s Singles 

Winner: Adam Paterson 

Runner-Up: Kyle MacDonald 

Score: 6 – 2, 6 – 2 

Umpire: Andrew Bickell

Ladies’ Doubles 

Winners: Kate Bennett and Sophie Scanlon 

Runners-Up: Madeline De’Cort and Jane Imray 

Score: 7 – 5, 6 – 4 

Umpire: Trevor Paterson

Men’s Doubles 

Winners: Adam Paterson and Kyle MacDonald 

Runners-Up: Andrew Bickell and Gary McDonald 

Score: 6 – 3, 6 – 1 

Umpire: Kevin De’Cort

Mixed Doubles 

Winners: Adam Paterson and Nyah Kauders 

Runners-Up: Madeline De’Cort and Dan Vowles 

Score: 6 – 4, 6 – 0 

Umpire: Sam Ashkuri

Jackie’s plate for the most improved junior was awarded to Charlie Kauders and the Mauklin Cup for the best improved U21 was awarded to Dan Vowles both for his development as a player and a coach. 

The Tournament Committee 

(Andrew Bickell, Ken Thompson and Paul Skinner)



The 2017 Winter Finals was another great day of tennis at HLTC. A good crowd had arrived when the matches started despite the promise of rain.


The first match on court 1 was the men’s Winter Singles. Young Dan Vowles took on the club captain Andy Bickell. Dan seemed nervous at the start and Andy looked quite relaxed. Andy soon took the lead and held it throughout the match to win 6 – 1, 6 – 2 under the officiation of club coach Adam Paterson. I expect Dan will push Andy a lot harder the next time they meet. I wonder who does the summer draw?


At the same time on court 3 the mixed handicap got under way. Paul Herring and Jane Imray (-1/2 15) took on Keith Vowles and Kate Bennett (0). The close handicap proved very accurate eventually. In the first game Kate and Keith broke Paul’s serve to go 1 – 0 up but then Paul and Jane settled down and rapidly got to 5 – 2 up. The first set was going to be over in record time. Oh no it wasn’t! Keith and Kate battled back to 5 – 5 and then two holds of serve took us to the tie break. The tie break got to 5 – 5 then, 6 – 5 to Kate and Keith before Paul and Jane took three points to win it 8 – 6. Well that was the first set over!

The second set was a complete reversal, nearly! Kate and Keith powered to a 5 – 2 lead then Paul and Jane fought back to force the tie break. Kate and Keith again got to set point a 6 – 5 but again Paul and Jane took three points to win 8 – 6.

A great game watched primarily by Ken Thompson in the chair, who thoroughly enjoyed it and went to bed saying "deuce, advantage Jane, deuce, ….”. Final score: 7 -6 (8 – 6) 7 – 6 (8 – 6) to Paul and Jane.


Once Kate had finished on court three she was in action on court one in the ladies doubles. Kate Bennett and Michelle McKinnon versus Maddy De’cort and Jemma Maskell. The experience of Michelle and Kate kept the youngsters on the back foot but the score of 6 – 1, 6 – 0 did not do reflect the quality of Maddy and Jemma’s play. Final Score: 6 – 1, 6 – 0 to Michelle and Kate.


Meanwhile on court three, father and son, Keith and Dan Vowles (- 15) took on Paul Skinner and Graham Herbert (-1/2 15). Despite the slightly heavier handicap Keith and Dan quickly got to a 4 – 0 lead before Paul and Graham got off the mark but then each player held serve for Keith and Dan to take the set 6 – 2. The second set was very similar. Keith and Dan got to 3 – 0 then 5 – 1 before Paul and Graham fought back to 5 – 3. However Paul was broken in the final game to lose the set. Final score: 6 – 2, 6 – 3 to Keith and Dan.


The next game on court one was the Men’s Doubles. Andy Bickell and Kevin Eley versus Adam Paterson and Kyle MacDonald, umpired by Trevor Paterson. With the only real rain of the day having little effect on play, this was a game of experience versus youth. The youth had the edge on power which gave them control of most points. Kevin was broken in the first game then service was held until 5 – 3 to Adam and Kyle. Kevin served to stay in the set but Adam and Kyle gave them little hope and they won the set 6 – 3. Adam and Kyle increased their dominance in the second set with Andy and Kevin only holding serve once each. Adam and Kyle took the set comfortably at 6 – 2. Final score: 6 – 3, 6 – 2 to Adam and Kyle.


The last game of the day was the mixed doubles. Andy Bickell and Kate Bennett versus Adam Paterson and Michelle McKinnon with Paul Skinner in the chair. With both Kate and Andy having played three matches the power and control of Adam and Michelle was too much. Initially Andy held his serve but then the set slipped away 6 – 1. Andy managed to hold his serve twice in the second set but it was not enough to prevent them losing it 6 – 2. Final score: 6 – 1, 6 – 2 to Michelle and Adam.


Thanks to the bar staff, the tea staff, the umpires, the players and all the spectators for another great days tennis. See you at the summer finals if not before.


Best regards,

Ken Thompson

On behalf of the tournament committee,


HLTC Adult Summer Finals

HLTC Junior Summer Finals